Cobblers Lane, Pontefract

West Yorkshire

  • 16 acres of unallocated farmland promoted for residential development by Cobblers Lane Ltd under option agreements from the 3 landowners
  • The site was allocated in early 2014 and a sale agreed, subject to planning, with Linden Homes
  • An application was made in January 2015 for 183 houses on a net acreage of 12.93
  • Consent was granted and Linden Homes acquired the site in 2 phases in 2015 and 2016.

Hoyland, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Hoyland Developments Ltd, a sister company, entered into a 25 year option on land in Barnsley.

The agreement covers a total of almost 280 acres of former open cast, earmarked for a variety of residential and commercial uses. Hoy North and Hoy South total 203 acres and are intended for residential development; Hoy West, totalling 77 acres, is allocated for commercial uses.

Separate master plans for the 3 areas were produced and have now been adopted by BMBC, paving the way for development:

At Hoy West, Hermes has proved to be a catalyst for development, allowing the ground to be remediated, providing for the speculative development of a further 330,000 ft2 and 13 acres of land for more modest employment uses. 

At Hoy North, the site investigation work is ongoing as we struggle to solve myriad problems associated with the historic mining operations. It is anticipated that the site will be reclaimed in 3 phases and provide up to 600 new homes and substantial public open space.

Hoy South is also advancing at a pace as we clarify the remediation strategy, consider various phasing options and wrestle with the many site constraints, including underground high walls, ancient woodland and overhead high-voltage cables.